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Mark Jetton, owner of Deadbeat Designs, makes the most fantastic samples with his stamps.  He specializes in Texas stamps and chocolate stamps but he has also has a wide variety of other images.  This year he added some wonderful Day of the Dead stamps to his line.  In case you don't know, in the Southwest Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a  Mexican holiday celebrated Nov. 1 and 2.  It is dedicated to remembering and honoring the dead.  It is believed that the spirits of our loved ones return on these special days to be with family and friends, and one way to welcome them is to build ofrendas or offerings that include their favorite food, music, photos and other symbolic offerings.  Mark created several Day of the Dead cards that resemble ofrendas or shrines.

3-dancing-skeletons  Here three skeletons dance with their sombreros in front of a Dia de los Muertos image that has been made to look like "paper picado."  Paper picado is a craft in popular in Mexico that entails cutting folded tissue or crepe paper into intricate repeating shapes.

Black-shrine-front  Black-shrine-inside  Black-shrine-back 
Above is one of Mark's shrines (front, inside and back of card respectively).

Orange-shrine-front  Orange-shrine-back-tags-in  Orange-shrine-back-tags-out 
Here I have shown the front and back of another very colorful shrine.  The back has pockets for two tags. 

Mark's last cards is so cool that I shot a video of the card fr reasons you will understand when you click on he You Tube link below.  Let me know what you think!!!  Here are photos of the card:


  This is the front of the card.

 Bad-to-Bone-inside-1  Bad-to-Bone-inside-2 
These two photos show the two Inside pages of card

Now click on this link and see more about this card.  Enjoy and Happy Stamping!



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